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Atlantean Alchemy

Ionic Colloidal Silver & 500PPM Laser-Made Colloidal Gold Bundle

Ionic Colloidal Silver & 500PPM Laser-Made Colloidal Gold Bundle

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Premium Ionic Colloidal Silver

 At Atlantean Alchemy, our premium ionized colloidal silver is produced with 99.998% pure silver in steam distilled and deionized water. Silver ions are far more effective than colloidal silver particles on their own. Our premium ionized colloidal silver contains both silver ions and silver colloids, creating a premium product.

500PPM Laser-Made Colloidal Gold

  The PLAL Method
 (Pulsed Laser Ablation In Liquid)

   This bottle of colloidal gold was made using a high-powered scientific laser. This method is the most advanced and precise way to create stable, ultra-pure 5nm sized gold nanoparticles without the use of chemicals. This method rivals all competition in the colloidal world. 
Diagram Of Pulsed Laser Ablation In Liquid(Model Design Of Laser-Made Colloidal Gold Ablation)

(Official Third Party TEM Laboratory Analysis Results Of Atlantean Alchemy Laser-Made Colloidal Gold)

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