What About Gold?

You’ve Heard About The Wonders Of Colloidal Silver; How About Gold?

 In our brain, we have neurons. These neurons fire off electrical charges which are then relayed to what are called dendrites; effectively allowing information to transmit. When you consume colloidal gold, tiny metal nanometer sized colloids actively pass through the blood brain barrier. These electrically charged superconductive gold particles then bind to dendrites; which in turn effectively increases the electrical transfer between neurons and dendrites, allowing information to transfer at a faster rate within the brain. Using our state of the art plasma generators, Atlantean Alchemy produces colloidal gold in particle sizes ranging from .1 to 40 nanometers in size.

 Did you know? The human body naturally contains several milligrams of pure gold?

  In the video below University of Missouri Director of Institute of Green Nanotechnology & Director of University of Missouri Cancer Nanotechnology Platform Professor Kattesh V Katti, PHD, M.SC.ED, DSC, FRSC, FNAI and his team create a very primitive form of gold nanoparticles made from chemicals and fruit. These nanoparticles have been injected into cancer tumors which subsequently caused the cancer to go into full remission in under two weeks.

 Notice how Katti's solution is a cloudy dark purple. The very dark purple color indicates the particles are roughly 300nm and larger. The cloudiness indicates that his solution is not stable. If you are to create an effective colloidal solution the particles must be small and stable. Our colloidal gold is far more stable, effective and natural than even some of the world's most renown universities and laboratories.

Unlike The University of Missouri Cancer Nanotechnology Platform's Colloidal Gold;

  • Atlantean Alchemy Colloidal Gold is made from only pure 99.998% gold
  • Atlantean Alchemy's Colloidal Gold Particles are no larger than 40nm
  • There are no salts or stabilizing and reducing agents in any of our products.

We take pride in providing the public with the most superior form of colloidal gold known to mankind.