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Did You Know?

We are the only colloidal company in the entire world to offer both high voltage and low voltage produced colloidal silver.


  High Voltage Alternating Current Colloidal Silver (HVAC)


  For our high voltage alternating current silver (60ppm and above) we have state of the art nano-plasma generators. 15,000 volts of alternating current flows between two highly pure .99998 metal rods inducing a high voltage plasma plume with minimum amperage. This process ensures the smallest colloids with no dissolved ions ranging from .1 to 30 nanometers in size.


✓ Does not contain any ionic content


✓ Particles are no larger than 30 nanometers


✓ Commonly used for chelation and intravenous injections


Low Voltage Direct Current (LVDC) Produced Ionic Colloidal Silver


✓ Very effective at damaging the metabolism of bacteria and viruses even at low concentrations such as 0.01–0.1 milligrams per liter due to the presence of silver ions


✓ Contains both silver colloids and silver ions


✓ Particles are no larger than 10 nanometers


Why Should We Use Ionic Colloidal Silver?

 A variety of laboratory studies have been done that ended up resolving the great debate of silver particles versus silver ions. One of these studies was conducted by: John W. Roberts, Ph.D. Andrew Martin, B.S.

Comparative Bacteriology Analysis Particulate vs. Ionic Silver

 The results of this laboratory analysis concluded that silver ions are a more effective agent against bacteria than silver colloids. Rice University researchers have also settled the long-standing controversy over the difference of silver colloids and silver ions. They also came to the conclusion that silver ions kills more bacteria than conventional silver colloids on their own. Ionic colloidal silver is often portrayed as as colorless solution, which is not the case. It’s actually quite the opposite. Ionic colloidal silver retains a “golden-yellow hue,” while colloidal silver made with high voltage is clear in all concentrations. “You would be surprised how often people market things without a full mechanistic understanding of their function,” said Pedro Alvarez, George R. Brown Professor and chair of Rice’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.

 So Why Is Ionic Colloidal Silver Yellow?

 This can be answered from laboratory studies compiled in a book called Practical Colloid Chemistry, published in London in 1926. In the section on the “Colours of Colloidal Metals”, sub-section on the “Polychromism of silver solutions” on page 69, “The continuous change in colour from yellow to blue corresponds to a change in the absorption maximum of the shorter to longer wave-lengths with a decreasing degree of dispersion. This is a general phenomenon in colloid chemistry illustrating the relation between colour and degree of dispersion." The section listed above describes the colors that show up in a wide variety of colloidal metal solutions. 

  For true “electro-colloidal” otherwise known as ionic colloidal silver, the particle size range that appears yellow is .01 to .001 microns (1-10 nanometers). That is the size of silver particle that best absorbs the indigo light, leaving only its inverse color; yellow, to be observed. The final transparent-yellow appearance only shows up after the particles have become evenly dispersed.


 *Our colloidal products cannot be properly tested with a TDS meter

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